OMNIfacts is a regular newsletter published internationally by the company to share items of interest, technical information, application stories and new product release with our customers.

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OMNIfacts Printed Editions

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OMNIfacts Electronic Editions

  • 3 December 2009 - No 20
    Distributed Alarm Annunciation & Sequence of Events Recording - The Why and How.
    Omni-4000 & Maxiflex SOE
    The complete SOE Solution from Omniflex
    Omni-4000 & Maxiflex SOE Summary
  • 14 September 2009 - No 19
    Using Alarm Annunciators in IEC61508 SIL rated Safety Systems
    Omniflex World First - Omni Series Annunciators Assessed by UK Nuclear Industry on Emphasis Program
    The Omni Series Annunciator Range Overview

  • 26 April 2007 - No 15
    IEC 61508 Functional Safety Primer
    Omniwatch - 16 Channel Temperature Scanner
    Omni-X Displays does it ! - We offer you ultimate flexibility for annunciator displays

  • 26 April 2007 - No 16
    Omniflex leads the way with Safety Systems IEC61508
    Omniflex first with IEC61508 Annunciator
    Omni30 replacement for Legacy RIS UC 30
    Modbus I/O Modules connects Legacy Omni16 systems to SCADA or PLC
  • 26 April 2007 - No 17
    What is a rate-of-change alarm?
    Clever design accomodates an age old signal interface problem for supervisory and control systems.
    Omniterm Limit Alarms and Trip Amplifiers support Rate of Change Alarms
    Omniterm B Series - The Smallest Range of Signal Conditioners with the Largest Range of Solutions
  • 12 November 2004 - No 13
    Thermocouples - A Primer
    SMS OPC Server for GSM Cellular Networks
    Omniterm TTP Universal Trip Amplifier

  • 14 June 2004 - No 12
    Where are Conlogs Fixed?
    What can I do with a TxB?
    MaxiLog - A Maxiflex Data Logging Application.

  • 19 May 2004 - No 8
    Optical Pyrometer Signals Linearised by Omniterm TxB
    Ground Loops in signal conditioning - Why Isolate?
    New! Conet OPC Server with Date and Time Stamp Handling

  • 19 May 2004 - No 10
    Inverting your plant signals
    Isolation for Plant and Personnel Safety
    Omniterm Universal Special Function Module

  • 19 May 2004 - No 11
    2 wire transmitters and 4 wire transmitters. Why?
    Maxiflex Router/Repeater Solutions
    Omniterm TFX Universal Special Function Module

  • 19 October 2003 - No 4
    In Control with the Maxiflex Process Automation Suite
    What's in the Maxiflex PAS
    The IEC 61131 Workbench and Engineering Diagnostic Tools
    Open Networking Technology
  • 9 October 2003 - No 6
    Get into Control with the Maxiflex Process Automation Suite
    What about the automated Data Acquisition and Telemetry?
    Sell Your Value added services with contracts and support
    Open Networking Technology
  • 23 September 2003 - No 2
    The New Universal Transmitter!
    1200 signal conditioners on your plant! How many spares do you keep?
    How hard is it to set up?
    TxB solves many other plant problems
  • 23 September 2003 - No 3
    The Universal Programmable Transmitter is here!
    You get to site - the 30 RTD inputs are suddenly Thermocouple inputs. What do you do?
    How hard is it to configure?
    Offer customers calibrated transmitters ex stock !
  • 16 September 2003 - No 1
    The Universal Programmable Transmitter is here
    What's needed with the TxB
    It's so easy to set up
    Put your Stock Order in Now!