Product Brief - Model C2193A Powerterm PTD Dual PSU/Chrgr,36-60Vdc 8Wr

Powerterm PTD Dual PSU/Chrgr,36-60Vdc 8W

picarrow Charging characterised for sealed lead-acid cells
arrow 12Vdc or 24Vdc output selectable
arrow Under-voltage cut-out protects battery from deep discharge
arrow Over-current detection protects wiring against faults
arrow Supply interruption detect output
arrow DIN Rail mounting
arrow Independent battery and load terminals for ease of installation
arrow Operates from 36-60Vdc supply

Powerterm PTD is a combined DC Power Supply(36-60Vdc source) and Battery Charger system with integrated standby battery management for small uninterruptible instrument supply applications 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

A Complete solution for small battery-backed dc instrument power systems.

Supply 12Vdc or 24Vdc systems with continuous power during line interruptions

Ideal for Teleterm M RTU's, data-loggers, remote field instrumentation, alarm systems, remote access systems etc.


The PTD is a combined Power Supply and Battery Charger system with integrated standby battery management for small uninterruptible instrument supply applications.

Just connect DC input supply, standby battery and load for an industrial grade standby power supply system.

This DIN rail mounted product is ideal for providing dc power to Teleterm M2-series RTU systems where battery backup is necessary to ensure continuous system operation during power failure. Applications include RTU's, data-loggers, remote field instruments, alarm systems and access controllers.

Managing battery-backed systems for optimum backup time and battery life can be tricky and expensive.

This product incorporates many features that make installing such systems simple and foolproof:

  • Under-voltage Cut-Out

During prolonged power outages, the back-up battery will eventually discharge. If the load remains connected, the battery enters its "deep" discharge phase, which can cause irreparable damage to the battery, and reduce its capacity and life. The PTD incorporates an under-voltage cut-out that disconnects the load when the battery voltage begins to fall, preserving the battery life.

  • Fault Protection

Batteries are capable of delivering enormous currents under system fault conditions that can damage wiring and equipment. The PTD incorporates an auto-resettable load cut-out, which disconnects the load under over-current fault condition.

  • Charge Control

The PTD controls the charging of the battery to ensure optimum life. Batteries can be kept on continuous charge as long without fear of damage through overcharging.

  • System Monitoring

The PTD provides an DC detect output. When input DC is present and the supply is functioning correctly, this output is on. This output can be used to detect input or charger failures.

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