Product Brief - Model C1150 O8/16 RED LED Bd

Omni8/16C Red Backlit LED Board

picarrow High Brightness LEDs for high ambient light conditions
arrow Removable
arrow Hot Plug-in
arrow High Reliability
arrow Fits in any Omni8/16C series Backlit Displays
arrow Retrofit upgrade part for Omni8/16C Incandescent displays

Omni8/16C Red Backlit LED Board. Fit to Omni8/16C Backlit Annunciators/Display versions only

The Omni8/16C LED boards are used for Backlit alarm window versions of the Omni16C series annunciators. They have been designed to cope with high ambient light conditions with a choice of colours to accentuate alarms or for different alarm discrimination.

The LED boards are also designed as a retrofit upgrade to incandescent alarm displays. Simply remove the incandescent lamps from their holders and fit the LED board to the two pins protruding between the lamp holders.

Two parallel banks of LEDs are used for reliability on the LED board. Any failure would only affect one LED bank.  The LED boards are used for both common positive and  common  negative display variants by reversing the polarity, simply achieved by fitting the board rotated by 180°.

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