Product Brief - Model M1403A Maxiflex 16 Analog In (4-20mA) 0V Comm

Maxiflex 16 Analog In (4-20mA) 0V Comm

picarrow 16 Voltage/Current Inputs
arrow Common Input Reference for all inputs (2 groups of 8)
arrow 12 bit conversion resolution.
arrow Removable Terminal Blocks

Maxiflex 16AI module. 16 channel analog input. Various volt and current ranges. 8 inputs/common -ve.

The M1403 16AI module provides 16 voltage or current inputs. The inputs are divided into two groups of 8, with each group having a single common reference/return terminal. The inputs are isolated from the system logic.

The input value is read as a standard 16 bit value by the systemWith the aid of an accurate DC voltage source, the module can be field calibrated by the user if required.The module may be inserted into any I/O slot in a Maxiflex system.Inputs are terminated on plug-in screw erminals.

The module can be inserted or removed while the system is powered. Auto-detection capability allows the CPU to recognise the presence of this module in the system.All configuration and dynamic data are made available to the system CPU through a module Data Interchange Table. The dynamic input values are read by reading from this table.

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