Product Brief - Model C1174A OMNI16C Ribbon Header Input Board

Omni16C Ribbon Header Input Board

picarrow 16 Channel Ribbon Header Input
arrow Pin Compatible with all Omniflex Ribbon Header Outputs
arrow High Density - saves wiring and terminations
arrow Uses internal 24V dc supply
arrow 5mA per Channel

OMNI16C 16 Way Ribbon Header Input Board- used to interface Maxiflex 16CH or 32CH DO module outputs directly to Omni16C via ribbon cable. Also accepts outputs from Conet Squeezer Receiver.

The Ribbon Header Input board is designed to provide a quick and simple interface between other Omniflex Products with Ribbon Header outputs and Omni16s. The time saving and convenience of a plug in connection instead of terminal wiring makes this the ideal choice for system integration.

The Ribbon Header Pin-outs are based on a standard format implemented across all the Omniflex product lines. Any Omniflex product with ribbon header outputs is compatible with the ribbon header input board for Omni16.

The Ribbon Header Input board is fitted into the first Input Slot on the Omni8 or 16. It has the normal Sense selection switches to enable either normally open or closed inputs for individual channel alarm definition.

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