Product Brief - Model M1760A Maxiflex 32SOE Inputs,9-30Vdc

Maxiflex 32SOE Inputs,9-30Vdc

picarrow Captures input changes to 1ms resolution
arrow Individually programmable time delays on each input
arrow Debounce and chatter filtering on each input
arrow Easy local or remote configuration
arrow 32 Digital Inputs per module
arrow Install up to 15 modules for 480 inputs per Maxiflex system
arrow Link Systems together for larger installations
arrow Repeats Inputs to Omni16C Annunciator/RLU via ribbon cable

Maxiflex 32 Channel Sequence Of Events Recorder Module. Accepts Potential Free contacts and 9 to 30Vdc. Date and Time Stamps sequence of events to 1millisecond resolution. Requires Field termination board C6332B and Interface cable C1467B


The Maxiflex M1760A 32SOE Sequence-of-Events Module monitors 32 Digital Inputs and creates time-stamped events to a resolution of 1ms upon change of state.

The 32SOE module is connected to the field wiring through a multicore cable (Model C1467B) connected to a remote terminal board (Model C6332B). This has the advantage of providing compact field termination in the most convenient location in the wiring cubicle saving panel wiring cost, space and construction time.  The terminal board also provides ribbon header outputs to repeat the input status to an Omni16C Annunciator/Remote Display via a ribbon cable (Model C1432-2).

By using multiple 32SOE modules with the Maxiflex P3 CPU, powerful Sequence-of-Events systems can be constructed with up to 480 Time-Stamped inputs per system. Multiple systems can be linked and time synchronised for larger distributed systems.

The 32 inputs can be used as regular digital inputs within the P3 processor as well as independently generating change-of-state events on the module.

A buffer of up to 1000 events on each module ensures that avalanche conditions in the application cannot overflow the module.

Events from all 32SOE modules in a single system are sorted by the P3 CPU into correct time order, and then passed to the event logging computer for display and storage.

The 32SOE module and P3 processor are compatible with the Omniflex Conet OPC Server and Omni4000 Alarm and Event Management Supervisory Software.

The Conet OPC server reads the events time-stamped within the 32SOE module to 1ms and passes these events with time-stamp right up to the OPC Client.

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