Product Brief - Model C1428A Omni8P 8pt Sidebar 24Vdc Annun (24V Comm Std Input

Omni8P 8pt Sidebar 24Vdc Annun (24V Comm Std Input) 4x2 Window

picarrow 24Vdc Powered (48Vdc or 85-264Vac/dc option)
arrow Compact, panel mounted and easy to use
arrow 8 Potential Free Contact Inputs
arrow Normally Open/Closed Selectable via DIP switch
arrow 27 Standard Sequences
arrow Sidebar LED Display
arrow Integral pushbuttons and Audible Warning
arrow Expandable to 248 points
arrow Optional internal repeat relay outputs
arrow Fully “DIP” Switch Configurable
arrow Optional Serial Port - Modbus/PLC compatible
arrow Certified to IEC61508 SIL1 Safety Standard
arrow UK Nuclear Industry SIL1 EMPHASIS Assessed

8 Potential Free Contact Input annunciator sidebar display.4x2 Windows(24V +Comm inputs) Integral P/B, Horn. Repeat Outputs opt-Relays(C1425) or Open collector(C1426). White engraveable windows supplied . Serial Port RS232/485 optional (C1423).

The Omni8P annunciators replace the Omni8b annunciator with a range of products offering the option of incandescent lamps, backlit LED or Sidebar LED indicator windows. The Omni8P is a panel mounted 8 point alarm annunciator with integrated Test, Silence,Acknowledge and Reset Pushbuttons, and internal audible warning. 

Combine this alarm annunciator with Omni16C 16 point units to create alarm systems from 24 up to 248 points.

The 8 potential free contact inputs and are individually “DIP” switch configurable for Normally Open or Normally Closed operation. Optional Inputs boards for common negative (PLC’s compatible) or fully isolated 19-60Vdc or 90-150 Vac/dc are also available. The alarm sequence for the 8 alarm points is configured by “DIP” switch with a choice of 27 standard sequences. Four relay contact outputs provide group alarm, horn and watchdog outputs. The group alarm can be set to one of  four functions, Follows input, follows alarm, Multiple reflash or Ring-back horn. 

Input repeat contacts and Modbus serial port are useful options. Omniflex has completely re-designed the Omni8P with new features while still keeping physical compatibility with the original popular Omni8b annunciator. 

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