Web based Remote Monitoring and Control


Why Web based Monitoring?

Web based remote monitoring provides the most convenient and affordable method available today for remotely monitoring data of any sort over large areas.

Unlike systems using traditional computer equipment and dedicated communications networks, web based systems combine with mobile phone and satellite technology to use publicly available infrastructure to provide access to your data easily, cost effectively and securely.

Because these systems use conventional web browsers and third party communications infrastructure, you already have all the computer hardware and software that you need.



  • Very wide area access using mobile phone and satellite coverage
  • Cloud-based data storage eliminates the need for your own database backup and administration.
  • Browser based access eliminates the need for special computers or software.
  • Redundant off-site storage with access from any web browser means you are protected from computer obsolescence.
  • Simple system configuration means you can be up and running in days.

What is Data2Desktop?

For those who want to remotely monitor data from anywhere across a site, country, or the globe, and who do not have access to the capital, time nor the expertise required to deploy expensive traditional SCADA/RTU/PLC solutions,

or who do not want to assemble themselves the formidable array of technologies required to monitor data using the web,

Data2Desktop is a complete web based remote monitoring service that allows you to monitor your data wherever your measurement points, or you, may be located, using any web browser found on desktop or laptop computers, tablets and smart phones.


Unlike SCADA+PLC alternatives, Data2Desktop provides a complete end-to-end service to continuously monitor and store your data without you needing any technical expertise, dedicated computer equipment, or significant upfront expenditure.

Whether it is one data point, or one thousand data points, the Data2Desktop service provides a simple, cost effective solution to ongoing, reliable remote data monitoring that can save your company money and improve your service levels.

How Does it Work?

While the technology of the internet appears very appealing, selecting the right components to put a system like this together yourself can be a daunting prospect.

That is why Omniflex created the Data2Desktop service.

Data2Desktop is an end-to-end technology framework packaged to you as a simple data service to monitor remote data points, log the data securely on secure cloud based servers and present the data on demand or by exception to authorised users.

A Data2Desktop solution starts with the Data2Desktop enabled Remote Terminal Unit at your point of measurement, and ends at your browser with easy to use screens to access and download your current and historical data.


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