Product Brief - Model C2330B-11-0 Teleterm Silent Sentry 9-30Vdc,2G

Teleterm Silent Sentry 9-30Vdc,2G

picarrow Integrated communications interface
arrow 12 Direct Inputs (Analogue or Digital)
arrow Integrated Modbus Port (Master or Slave)
arrow 9 - 30V dc powered.
arrow Send up to 64 different messages
arrow Send to up to 10 SMS recipients
arrow Send a daily status message
arrow Integral Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup
arrow Configurable for a wide range of applications.
arrow Wide operating temperature range
arrow Compact size for tight spaces
arrow Convenient DIN Rail mounting

Silent Sentry Alarm Monitor, Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM,12 Universal I/O DI/DO/AI/AO non isolated, ModBus Master,Slave,Custom Protocol. Powered from 9-30Vdc. Battery backed Real Time Clock and Internal Temp sensor & power supply voltage monit


The TELETERM Silent Sentry is a state-of-the-art Alarm Monitor capable of monitoring a wide range of input types and sending SMS Alarm messages upon detection of an alarm condition.

The Silent Sentry has 12 direct Binary or Analogue Inputs, plus a Modbus port allowing alarms from a variety of sources to be monitored.

Up to 64 different messages can be sent. The Silent Sentry can be configured for up to 10 message recipients, each in one of three escalating priority groups. This allows messages to be sent to a selected group of recipients, and if not acknowledged within a set time, then sent to the second group of recipients, and if still not acknowledged, then sent to the third group of recipients.

The addition of a daily update message capability ensures the ability of the Silent Sentry to react to alarms when they occur.

The Silent Sentry is easily configurable by the user, using the free Omniset configuration software. Using Omniset PRO, the Silent Sentry can even be configured remotely over the GSM network.

The Silent Sentry can be connected to your existing alarm annunciator systems, and can even be used to remotely acknowledge alarms using your mobile phone.

Typical Applications for the Silent Sentry include:

  • Remote Site Monitoring
  • Computer Rooms
  • Environmental and effluent Monitoring
  • Small Sub-station monitoring
  • Facilities Management
  • Utilities Monitoring
  • Bore-hole Monitoring.
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Production Downtime Minimisation

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User Manual
User Manual in PDF
Installation Guide
Details of installation requirements and further specifications
Declaration of Conformity
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