Product Brief - Model M1021B MX Base

Maxiflex 3 I/O Master Base (Expandable)

picarrow Wall mounting
arrow System sizes from 2 to 15 I/O modules per CPU
arrow Secure easy-to-use module mounting
arrow Hot Plug-in of I/O modules
arrow Automatic I/O module identification and scanning
arrow Optional module keying
arrow 19" frame adapter available

Maxiflex 3I/O Master Base for PSU, CPU and any 3 Mx I/O Modules. Expandable to M1031/2 expander bases using cable M1811A.

MAXIFLEX Bases are available in various sizes (for application flexibility and to cater for possible enclosure limitations).

These bases are designed for surface mounting but a purpose designed mounting bracket (Model M1821) facilitates mounting in a 19” frame.

Two types of base are available in this range: Master Bases and Expander Bases.
Every Master Base will accept a CPU module plus a number of I/O modules, while the Expander Bases accept only I/O modules.

The number of I/O modules accessed by the CPU on any Master Base, (except the M1001 2I/O base which does not have an expander socket), may be expanded using any one of the Expander Bases. A single Expander Base is connected to a Master Base using the M1811 Expander Cable. This allows a maximum of 15 I/O modules to be connected to a single CPU module.

The M1811 Expander Cable is 400mm long, allowing a maximum of 180mm between the Master and Expander bases when mounted one above the other. A space of least 100mm must be allowed between bases when mounted to allow for module insertion/removal and field wiring.

Each MAXIFLEX module is secured in position on the base by a retaining clip that is pressed to remove the module.

Each Master base in the range requires a logic power supply to power the system. An additional logic power supply is required for the 8 way expander base.

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