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Telemetry and Data Acquisition

Omniflex is a company synonymous with Telemetry and Data Acquisition with 50 + years experience in the Industry. Omniflex has provided innovative Telemetry systems for control and data acquisition for many major corporations in industries like:

  • Mining
  • Electrical and Water Utilities
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemical.
  • Industrial Factory & Manufacturing Plant
  • Sugar Milling
  • Power Generation Stations
  • Environmental Surveillance Monitoring


Omniflex Telemetry and Data Acquisition Applications Cover

Cable Based Telemetry

Cable based telemetry solutions are available to run on existing plant cables such as Instrument Twisted Pairs, RS485 Standard Cable and Ethernet Infrastructure. Conet an Omniflex developed Local Area Network designed for use on low grade cabling provides a cost effective telemetry or data acquisition solution on existing plant cabling. Ethernet I/O Solutions use existing ethernet infrastructure to provide point to point telemetry or remote I/O functionality for Control and Data Acquisition systems, simply by add IP based I/O systems to the network.

Radio/Wireless Telemetry

Cost effective peer to peer Radio Networks for Data Acquisition or control with licence free band remote terminal units with flexible I/O configuration mixing analogue and digital signals on small footprint units. Peer to peer protocols avoiding poll response delay cycles experienced with master slave protocols. Peer to Peer network devices efficiently share the Network resources optimising the traffic with report by exception driven events and point to point and multipoint system integrated into the addressable devices.   

GSM Web Based Telemetry

GSM enabled RTUs provide the front end data acquisition for web based monitoring or control. Using GPRS Data Services remote sites can be brought under corporate supervisory control without huge infrastructure costs. Geographical location no longer means out of sight,  remote monitoring is now available everywhere that GSM networks have a presence. Country or Continental boundaries are not a consideration.


Omniflex Provides Telemetry Solutions for:

  • Data Acquisition for SCADA/DCS/PLC
  • Cable Saving – using existing cable infrastructure
  • Last Mile Networking
  • Ethernet I/O and Integration
  • Wireless Applications
  • DNP3 Outstations
  • GSM GPRS Applications
  • Scaleable and flexible architecture from 12 Point to 1200 point.


Omniflex is chosen for its innovative flexible approach to telemetry system design and it’s easy implementation and integration into plant supervisory systems. OPC server compliance, Programmable Port for third party protocols, IEC programmability RTUs and universal I/O make Omniflex the obvious choice for wired, wireless I/O and telemetry systems. Shouldn’t you be using Omniflex ?