Product Brief - Model C1679A-0 Omni16R 19inch 3U Sub-Rack

Omni16R 19inch 3U Sub-Rack

picarrow Compact 19 Inch Rack Construction
arrow Front &/or Rear Terminal Access
arrow 21 Card Slots per 3U Sub Rack
arrow Up to 320 Alarm Points in a Single 3U Rack
arrow Certified to IEC61508 SIL1 Safety Standard
arrow UK Nuclear Industry SIL1 EMPHASIS Assessed

Omni16R 19 Inch 3U Subrack. Fit Omni16R Alarm Cards Ribbon Header Input, Repeat Relay Cards, Common Services Card, Omni16R Front Access Terminals Alarm Card

SIL Rated Rack based Alarm Annunciator

The Omni16R alarm annunciator builds on the successful Omni16C by offering a repackaged version of this field proven annunciator for 19 inch rack mount applications.

Combined with the C1670A series remote displays, the Omni16R allows high density SIL rated alarm systems to be constructed for safety related applications.

Flexible Configuration

The inputs accept potential free contacts and are individually DIP switch configured for N.O. or N.C. operation. Inputs and outputs are wired to terminals at the front or rear of the annunciator, depending upon the configuration selected.  The alarm sequence for the inputs is also configured by DIP switch with a choice of 21 standard sequences in groups of 8.

Flexible Alarm Groups and Repeat Contacts

Up to 64 Omni16R 16 point Alarm Cards may be connected to a Common Services Card, providing four Group Alarm relays, control pushbutton interface and serial port interface. Any number of Common Services Cards may be fitted to a system to suit the grouping of alarms required.

Input /Alarm repeat output contacts can be provided, available on terminals on the front or rear of the 19 inch rack, as required.

No Master Module

Each Omni16R Alarm Card is a complete stand-alone 16 point alarm annunciator in its own right with its own watchdog and alarm processor. This reduces single points of failure in the system and increases system reliability.

Field Proven SMART Annunciator Technology

The technology in the Omni16 R is identical to the Omni16C, providing the benefit of years of field experience and a qualified reliability rating unsurpassed in the world.

By utilising the identical “SMART Alarm” technology proven and certified in the industry standard Omni16C, the Omni16R provides the only SMART rack based  alarm annunciator in the world certified to IEC61508 for safety critical alarms.

Proven Upgrade Path to Legacy Systems

The flexibility of configuration and mounting make the Omni16R an ideal upgrade solution for your legacy alarm systems, such as the Highland MPAS90, Robinson and Rochester Alarm Systems.

IEC 61508 precludes the use of equipment in safety critical applications that are passed their design life cycle, and continuing to operate such equipment places such safety systems at risk.

Further Literature 
Full specifications and Order Information
User Manual
User Manual in PDF
RoHS Compliance Certificate
RoHS Compliance Certificate with a list of RoHS Compliant Products
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(C1683A-1) Repeat Relay Module Front Access for Alarm Crd
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 Positive Common Output Terminal Board
Positive Common Output Terminal Board (C1691A-1). Two Common Terms.
 Isolated Input Terminal Board (Two slots wide)
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 Common Services Terminal Board
Omni16R Common Services Terminal Board (C1695A). One used per Common Services Board
 Power Supply Terminal Board
Power Supply Terminal Board (C1696A). Used with Power Supply module.
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