Product Brief - Model C2440A Omniterm PAF AC Power Supply 24Vdc

Omniterm PAF AC Power Supply 24Vdc

picarrow Matching form factor to other Omniterm Modules
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arrow 85 to 265 Vac Mains Input

Omniterm PAF Power Supply 85-264Vac input. 24Vdc@250mA Output. Use the PAF to power a number of Omniterm modules from ac power.

The OMNITERM PAF Instrument Power Supply is a general purpose dc supply suitable for a range of industrial instrumentation applications, such as the powering of instrument loops in small numbers, where space and reliability are of concern.

Use of carefully selected long-life components combined with conservative design parameters ensures increased reliability even in harsh operating conditions.

The PAF supply forms part of the OMNITERM range of Industrial instrumentation, and is designed to be compatible with all of the products in this range.

This second generation power supply uses the latest switch-mode supply technology to reduce cost, increase reliability, and meet international safety and compatibility norms. This second-generation product utilises advanced electronic techniques to achieve high accuracy with minimum loop losses and zero field calibration.

The narrow 22.5mm plastic housing allows the product to be conveniently ounted together with other DIN rail mount instrumentation.

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