Product Brief - Model M1831B Prog Cable

Maxiflex Programming Cable

picarrow Allows Programming of Omniflex Products with RJ25 Programming Ports
arrow Standard DB9 (Serial) Connector to RJ25 plug
arrow Compatible with Omniflex’ USB to Serial Adaptor for PCs/Laptops without a
arrow Compatible with Omniset and Omniset Pro Configuration Tools

Maxiflex CPU Programming Cable. RS232 Male DB9 connector (PC end) to RJ25 (CPU end). 2 metres.

The Maxiflex Programming cable is designed to be used i to configure all OMNIFLEX products equipped with a RJ25" programming socket; namely the range of Teleterm products as well as the range of Maxiflex CPUs.

Simply plug the RJ25"plug of the cable into the equivalent RJ25 socket of an OMNIFLEX product and then the DB9 Serial Port into a Serial Port on the PC/Laptop.

Use our USB to Serial Adaptor for those devices without a Serial Port. In this case, plug the DB9 connector on the programming cable into the DB9 socket on Omniflex Adaptor and then the USB plug into a USB port on the PC/Laptop.

If a USB to Serial Adaptor is used in conjunction with this programming cable, make sure the SAME USB port is used every time.

Using the Omniset Configuration Software, the correct template file for the product to be configured, and this programming cable plugged into an OMNIFLEX product equipped with a RJ25" programming socket may be configured quickly and easily, even while installed on the plant.

If a USB to Serial Adaptor is required, it is recommended to buy this adaptor from Omniflex as it is validated to work on Omniflex products. Some third party devices are known not to be supported by all versions of Windows.

Refer to Knowledge Base Articles 149 and 150 on configuring our USB to Serial adaptor.

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