Product Brief - Model C2472A-0 Omniterm FCT Fibre Optic Contact Tx

Omniterm FCT Fibre Optic Contact Tx

picarrow DIN Rail or surface mountable
arrow Narrow 22.5mm module width
arrow 10 - 30V dc powered.
arrow Fitted with ST Fibre optic Terminations
arrow Wide operating temperature range
arrow Extended distance models available
arrow CE Mark Compliant
arrow Works with multi-mode fibres
arrow Certified to IEC61508 SIL1 and SIL2 Safety Standards

The FCT is used to send a digital contact over a fibre optic link with high reliability

The OMNITERM FCT and FCR modules provide the ability to send a contact signal up to 10km over a single optical fibre. When the contact on the FCT Transmitter module is closed, the relay output on the FCR Receiver module will be energised.

LEDs are provided to indicate the state of the input and output contacts and the presence of instrument power.

Fail safety is a key feature of this design. Care has been taken to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Forming part of OMNIFLEX's extensive OMNITERM range of industrial instrumentation, the OMNITERM FCT and FCR are designed to be DIN rail or surface mounted and are an economical 22.5mm wide.

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