OMNIFLEX Alarm Annunciators provide reliable notification when things go wrong - FAST!

Discrete Displays provide guaranteed visibility to critical alarms under ALL plant conditions.

Implement cost effective independent alarms as part of your risk reduction strategy


Trusted in thousands of major installations 

SCADA, DCS, and PLC compatible

Certified to IEC61508 for safety related alarms

Field-proven - 30 years of experience

No software programming required

High reliability redundant display

Who will respond to YOUR next critical alarm?

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Omni8 micro




Maxilarm with Omni4000 

Omni8 micro

Omni8C Alarm Annunciator

Omni16 Alarm Annunciator

Omni30 (UC30 replacement)

Maxilarm with Omni4000

  • 48x96mm

  • 8 contact inputs

  • Inputs Selectable Normally Open/Closed

  • Backlit LED display

  • User printed legends

  • Integral Pushbuttons

  • Integral Audible

The Omni8 micro is the smallest alarm annunciator available. This is a fully self-contained panel-mount alarm annunciator with integrated power supply, control push-buttons and audible device.

Ideal for Motor Control Centres and space restricted applications

Connect power and up to eight dry contact inputs for full alarm annunciator capability. You need nothing else.

  • Integral Panel mount

  • Expandable to 256 points

  • Compatible with Omni16C

  • Choice of Lamp, or LED displays

  • Optional internal or external pushbuttons

  • Fully "DIP" switch configurable

  • Optional ModBus Slave Serial port

The Omni8C annunciator offers full industrial strength reliable alarm annunciation in a small compact package.

This alarm annunciator is fully compatible with the popular Omni16C series. Units may be interconnected to provide alarm annunciation from 8 to 256 points.

  • Integral or Remote Logic Design

  • Expandable to 256 points

  • Choice of Lamp or LED displays

  • Optional internal pushbuttons

  • Fully "DIP" switch configurable

  • Optional ModBus Slave Serial Port

  • IEC61508 Certified

  • Repeat Relay Option

The Omni16C is the latest upgrade in the series of field-proven popular Omni16 alarm annunciators (previously sold under the CONLOG brand).

Completely redesigned to take advantage of the latest technologies, this latest release offers backlit LED displays,  and serial communications.

  • Replacement for RIS "UC30" range

  • Panel or19" mount

  • Plug-in terminals

  • Omni16C features

  • Choice of Backlit or LED display

  • All "DIP" switch settings externally accessible

  • 24Vdc powered

  • Optional ModBus Slave Serial Port

The Omni30 annunciator series is designed as replacement for the RIS UC30 series products.

Based upon the field-proven Omni16C technology, this product range provides state-of-the-art annunciation to fit existing  installations.

  • Distributed Alarm & Event System

  • Time Stamping at source to 10ms

  • Network up to 10km on existing cables

  • Up to 4000 Alarm points

  • Combine Local Alarm Displays with remote events recording

Maxilarm is a powerful distributed Alarm Annunciator solution for large scale distributed applications.

Implement independent alarm monitoring  employing distributed I/O Nodes up to 10km apart with alarm time-stamping to 10ms resolution.

Interface to the dedicated Omni4000 Alarm Management Software for real-time Alarm monitoring, and reporting.  

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