Product Brief - Model C1415 Omni - RPB


picarrow Compatible with Omni16 family
arrow Four pushbuttons and an audible in a single housing
arrow Can moun in same cutout as Omni16
arrow Mount horizontally or Vertically

Omni16 Remote Pushbutton Station. Panel Mounting. With Sil, Ack, Reset and Test Pushbuttons and built-in audible sounder.

The Omni16 Remote Pushbutton Station is designed to compliment the OMNI16 annunciator family, providing an easy method of adding the operator controls and audible warning to the annunciator system. Being the same height as an Omni8 or Omni16 alarm annunciator, it can mounts in the same panel cut-out with the annunciator.

The C1415 Remote Pushbutton Station can be connected to up to 16 Omni8 or Omni16 alarm annunciators allowing systems of up to 256 alarm points to be configured.

The C1415 Remote Pushbutton Station is a compact panel mount unit containing four pushbuttons with the following designations screened to the fascia: Silence, Acknowledge, Reset and Test.

An audible warning device is also fitted into the station. All connections to the unit are via level clamp terminals at the rear of the station.

The C1415 Remote Pushbutton Station can be mounted vertically or horizontally to best suit your panel layout.

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