Teleterm M3 Series Remote Terminal Units

FLexible RTU's for industry

The Teleterm Series provides the ideal low cost interface to your assets or processes to provide the remote control and information that you need to optimise your operations - regardless of the communications means that you choose.

Everything Communicates

The Teleterm M3 Series is a state-of-the-art RTU range designed to enable you to communicate with a wide range of devices and machines using most networking options available including spread-spectrum radio, existing plant cabling, Ethernet, GSM and satellite.

Teleterm M3Ge RTU

Wide Range of Communications

Communicate using the built modems that can support GSM, 3G, Ethernet, RS232, RS422, RS485, Licence-free radio or existing plant cabling up to 10km.

Two serial ports with RS232 and RS485 provide local communications using Modbus, or other protocols including custom protocols to suit your application.

An Ethernet port with Modbus/TCP and Conet/e protocol is included as standard. This port is also compatible with the Data2Desktop and Omnergy web-based remote monitoring services.

Communicate direct with your SCADA using the compatible range of OPC Servers, or use one of the cloud based data services to reduce your capital costs and improve your data retention.


Web based Remote Monitoring

The Teleterm M3 range has built in support for the Data2Desktop and Omnergy Remote monitoring services.

Data2Desktop is a general purpose industrial strength remote monitoring service that provides secure long term cloud based storage for your data.

Omnergy is a cloud based utilities management service that can assist to reduce your energy bills.

The Teleterm M3 is designed as the ideal front-end for these services, with the secure connect protocols built in. Getting connected to these services using the Teleterm M3 can be done in minutes, reducing engineering time and up-front costs.


Flexible Power Supply Options

A wide 9-30Vdc operating range allows use on 12Vdc or 24Vdc battery systems or solar power.

Built-in power supply voltage and internal temperature monitoring and an internal battery-backed real-time clock provide all the facilities for intelligent power management.

12 Universal Inputs and Outputs

Configure the M3 with your choice of Digital or Analogue inputs and outputs as well as non-volatile counters for metering applications.

And plug-in terminals make servicing simple.

solar panel


SD Memory Card

Insert an SD memry card for Gigabytes of long term data logging and storage. Use the ISaGRAF program to write data to the SD card in the format of your choice.

IEC61131 Programming

Program local control functions using the industry standard ISaGRAF IEC6111 graphical programming environment.

SD card


Communications Options

SMS Communications

SMS Communications


  • Minimum infrastructure overhead costs
  • High cost per message
  • SMS messages not guaranteed or traceable


  • Best for low message incidence and non-critical alarms
  • e.g. Power failure monitoring

Web-based Remote Monitoring

Web-based Remote Monitoring


  • Low infrastructure overhead costs
  • Reliable low cost message transport
  • Full web based message tracking and remote control


  • Best for real-time remote monitoring, logging, control and exception reporting
  • e.g. Monitoring of tank levels, fridge Temperatures, energy consumption etc.

Secure Licence-free Radio Communications

FHSS Communications


  • Reliable short range communications
  • Operates in licence-free radio spectrum
  • High data rate for fast response


  • Best for remote I/O up to 10km (line-of-sight) where cable access is impossible

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