Product Brief - Model C2306B Maxiflex GPS Time Synchronisation Module

Maxiflex GPS Time Synchronisation Module

picarrow Accurate Time Synchronisation from GPS
arrow Use with PLC’s and computer standard serial ports
arrow IP66 rating for easy outdoor mounting
arrow 9-30Vdc powered
arrow RoHS Compliant

The C2306B Time Synchronisation Module sensor is used to provide high accuracy time synchronisation in Maxiflex Sequence-Of-Event (SOE) and PLC applications

The Model C2306B Maxiflex Time Synchronisation Module is a weatherproof unit used for accurate time synchronisation of industrial equipment in rugged environments using the global navigation satellite networks.

The TSM module can be used to synchronise industrial PLC or computer equipment to better than 5 microseconds time accuracy.

Rugged Enclosure

The Maxiflex TSM module is dust and watertight to a rating of IP66 making it suitable to mount outdoors in the harshest environments for best visibility of the global navigation satellite system signals.

The convenient wall mounted enclosure with internal antenna makes this module very easy to install.

Connections are made via screw terminals within the enclosure to standard twisted pair cable entering through sealed cable glands in the bottom of the enclosure.

Time Synchronisation Output

The Maxiflex TSM module provides two outputs signals:

  1. A time synchronisation pulse output (set as default to one pulse per second).
  2. A serial port that supports the NMEA 0183 ASCII protocol that is configured in the factory to stream the date and time in a simple ASCII format out the serial port.

These two outputs are available on both RS232 and RS485 interface ports. RS232 is used when the TSM can be mounted within 15m of the equipment to be synchronised and an RS232 port is available.

The RS485 interface is used when Maxiflex TSM module is located up to 800m away from the equipment to be synchronised and an RS485 serial port is available.   
Note: Cable length introduces propagation delay in the pulse output that should be taken into account when accuracy better than 10µs is required. Propagation delays of 1µs per 150m of cable is typical.

This provides a simple means of time synchronisation by reading the absolute date and time via the serial data stream and then synchronising to the internal clock of the equipment to within 5 microseconds using the time pulse output.

9-30Vdc Power Supply

The Maxiflex TSM Module can be powered from a 9-30Vdc power source.

Maxiflex Compatibility

This module is compatible with the Maxiflex P3 and A3 CPU’s used in 1 millisecond Sequence of Event Recording systems.

No additional configuration is required. Just connect the TSM module to the Maxiflex serial port, select the “Time Synchronisation protocol” for the serial port on the CPU, and the Maxiflex CPU’s clock will be synchronised to better than 1 millisecond.

Location Information

Although the TSM module can be used out of the box for time synchronisation, this product is built upon the exceptional performance of the uBlox M8 GNSS module and is capable of providing full location information by reconfiguring the module for location based applications using the USB port.

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