Product Brief - Model C1421 Omni16C 85-264Vac/dc Power Supply

Omni16C 85-264Vac/dc Power Supply

picarrow Universal ac or dc setup
arrow Field Isolation of 1500Vrms
arrow Input supply of either 85 to 264Vac or 100 to 240 Vdc
arrow Modular retrofit option
arrow Can power both an Omni8C and an Omni16C

Omni16C Power supply 85 to 264 Vdc or ac. Fitted into the Omni16C.

The isolated power supply allows the Omni16C to be powered directly from AC mains or a DC source thus avoiding the need for a separate external power supply for the annunciator.

The power supply module is fitted into the spare cavity within the Omni16C housing.  It cannot be fitted to an Omni8C as space precludes this option, however the power supply module is capable of powering both an Omni16C and Omni8C together when used as a 24 Point annunciator. The Omni16C is fitted with the power supply module while the Omni8C is powered from the 24Vdc terminals on the Omni16C.

For dc applications such as substations the Omni16 may be powered from 100 to 240Vdc systems such as station back up supplies or it may be used to isolate the 24Vdc supply from the annunciator.

Omni16 is supplied standard as a 24V dc powered unit, the power supply option is specified at order time as an separate accessory and will be factory fitted.

Once the power supply module is fitted to the Omni16C a set of power terminals protrudes from the housing and the existing 24V power terminals are now become an Auxiliary 24V dc supply output to power an Omni8C for example.

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