Product Brief - Model C2305C Omniterm MOT 16ch Modbus Terminals OP

Omniterm MOT 16ch Modbus Terminals OP

picarrow Interface Digital Plant Signals using Modbus
arrow Operates as Modbus Master or Slave for telemetry applications
arrow Supports ACII and RTU modes
arrow Software configured by user
arrow 24Vdc Powered
arrow 16 Screw Terminal Outputs

16Ch Modbus Module General Purpose Terminals Output with Open Collector Transistors

Use the MOT module as a general purpose digital output module on any Modbus ASCII or RTU RS232/485 network. It is  equipped with  screw terminals for connecting up to 16 hard-wired general purpose outputs.

  • Simple DIP switch settings for Modbus Slave operation provides ultimate simplicity.

  • Fully isolated RS232/485 communications gives best noise immunity.

  • Compatible with Omni16 alarm annunciator repeat outputs and other Omniflex products.

  • Multi drop up to 32 units to a single Modbus Master.

  • Modbus Master Mode available to communicate with other Modbus slaves.

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