Product Brief - Model C2233A Teleterm microLAN mLC8 Controller

Teleterm mLC8 Controller

picarrow Accurate digital sensors
arrow Up to 10 sensors on one input
arrow Easy installation
arrow 1-wire bus for simple wiring
arrow 8 microLAN ports on one controller
arrow DIN Rail Mounting

The Teleterm microLAN mLC8 controller comprises 8 channels, each channel being able to control up to 10 digital temperature and humidity sensors on a 1-wire microLAN network.

The Teleterm microLAN controller controls up to 80 digital temperature and humidity sensors on a 1-wire microLAN network.  microLAN allows sensors to be connected in a daisy chain fashion. The laser-trimmed digital microLAN sensors ensure high noise immunity and high reading accuracy.

Up to 32 microLAN controllers can be connected to the Modbus network making it easy to monitor many of these sensors on one Modbus network.

DC power to the microLAN controller is required which also powers the sensors on the LAN.

The controller is configured using Omniset software.    Each sensor must be no more than 5m from its junction. The type of sensor will depend on the monitored temperature or humidity range.

There are restrictions to the number of sensors on the microLAN network and length of the microLAN network.

The microLAN controller is equipped with two groups of 4 microLAN ports allowing sensors to be grouped together and allows failures to be limited to one group only.

Each sensor comes with its own unique ID to identify it on the microLAN. The ID number identifies the type and manufacturer.

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