Product Brief - Model M1101A PSU


picarrow Operates MAXIFLEX systems for Solar Power
arrow Fits in PSU slot of MAXIFLEX base
arrow Up to 24 hours stand-by time
arrow Includes integral +12Vdc Battery Charger
arrow Temperature Compensated Battery Charger
arrow Includes integral +12Vdc Field Supply for powering I/O etc

Maxiflex DC SLC Power Supply. 24Vdc or 12V solar panel supply. Built-in 3A charger for sealed lead-acid battery. Thermistor temperature sensor included. Extra external heatsink fitted. Used with 2 I/O Master Base Only

The M1101A Power Supply Module (SLC PSU) is powered from a Solar Panel or an external +24Vdc (nominal) supply, and provides the primary logic and field power for a MAXIFLEX I/O Base.

This power module also incorporates a +12Vdc field supply for powering I/O, radios etc. and a battery charger suitable for sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries.

This power supply module is intended for use in MAXIFLEX systems where power is not available locally, and solar panels must be used to power the system. An optional 24Vdc input is provided for alternate power sources should these be available.

The integral battery charger is temperature compensated to provide optimum capacity from the connected Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery over the full temperature range using an external sensor.

An integrated battery voltage monitor is provided which allows the MAXIFLEX CPU in the system to monitor the current battery voltage, and status of the incoming supply for full RTU status monitoring.

A battery low voltage cut-out is provided to prevent batteries from entering their deep-discharge state when the battery is depleted.

Up to 24 hours standby can be achieved with a 24Ah SLA battery in small systems (dependent upon thenumber I/O Modules).

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