Product Brief - Model C1426 16 WAY REPEAT RIBBON HDR BD

Omni8/16C 16 Way Repeat Ribbon Header Board

picarrow 16 Channel Lamp Repeat Outputs on Open Collector
arrow Rated 100mA 40Vdc max
arrow Standard Omniflex Ribbon Header Pinout
arrow Use with Maxiflex Input Module, Fastrak Relay Outputs or Ribbon Terms
arrow Can be fitted to Omni8/16C Slot E

Omni8/16C 16 Way Repeat Open Collector Transistor Board output on 20 way ribbon header.

The Open Collector Output board provides a compact option to getting Input repeat statuses to other devices like loggers or telemetry systems via a ribbon header output. A second ribbon Header on the same board provide Lamp repeat status to another remote display.

The Open Collector outputs are rated to handle 40V max and 100mA per point. The ribbon headers conform to the Omniflex standard ribbon header pinout which means any of the interface adapters from the Fastrak range of products can be used. e.g. Relay outputs, Ribbon to terminal converters and even Maxiflex Input modules for Telemetry systems.

This board can be fitted to Slot E of an Omni8/16C.

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