Product Brief - Model M1593A MX RIOc Link Module

Maxiflex RIOc Remote I/O Link, Conet

picarrow Designed specifically for Remote I/O Systems
arrow Expand I/O to Maxiflex Systems to 1000 I/O
arrow Implement Dual Redundant Control Systems
arrow Connect up to 3 additional Remote Slave I/O Bases
arrow Connect Remote I/O to Maxiflex CPUs up to 10km away

The M1593A Remote I/O Conet Link (RIOc) Module allows up to three Maxiflex remote I/O Bases to be connected to a Maxiflex Master Base. In addition, it can be used in redundant Maxiflex remote I/O and control applications.

The MAXIFLEX RIOc Link Module is designed specifically for adding remote I/O to Maxiflex Systems and is placed next to the CPU in Slot 1 of a Master Base.

In addition, an RIOc I/O Scanner (M1249A) is placed in the CPU slot of each the Remote I/O Bases.

This I/O Scanner automatically scans all I/O on its Base, and communicates this data with the Maxiflex M1593A Remote I/O Link Module in the Master Base, making the remote I/O data available in the Master CPU's "Data Interchange Table (DIT)".

Up to 3 Remote I/O Bases, each with its own M1249A I/O Scanner can be connected to a single Master CPU Base, making a total of 1000 I/O accessible from the Master CPU.

The RIOc Scanner CPU automatically identifies the presence of I/O modules and performs I/O scanning of these modules, making this data available to the Remote I/O Link Module in the Master Base without the need for any programming.

The data link to the Maxiflex Remote I/O Link Module operates on the Conet data highway, providing an event-driven token-passing ruggedised industrial network capable of running up to 10km.

This allows remote I/O Bases equipped with the Maxiflex MA1249A I/O Scanner to be placed in the same panel as the Master Controller, or distributed across the site up to 10km away.

Further Literature 
CONET Datasheet
Full specification for CONET Network
Full specification and order information
Declaration of Conformity
Compliance Specifications
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