Product Brief - Model M1595A Maxiflex Standard Ethernet NIM

Maxiflex Standard Ethernet NIM

picarrow Built-in Modbus/TCP® Master and Slave Protocols
arrow Built-in Conet/e protocol for peer-to-peer support
arrow Programmable in IEC61131-3 using ISaGRAF
arrow Expand I/O on Maxiflex Systems up to 4000 I/O
arrow Connect rmote I/O to Maxiflex CPUs using Ethernet
arrow Implement Remote I/O Control Systems
arrow Connect up to 7 Remote Slave I/O Bases

The M1595A Standard Ethernet NIM provides an additional Ethernet Network Connection to Maxiflex system. It also acts as a Remote I/O Scanner and allows connection up to 7 Maxiflex remote I/O Bases via Ethernet, ISaGRAF Ready; order CC030A-URTT to activate

The M1595A Ethernet NIM module is a standard Ethernet NIM which allow access from Modbus/TCP Master or Slave devices, and other Conet/e supported devices to a Maxiflex system over a 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection. Up to 15 of these modules can be installed in a system to expand Ethernet network connectivity.

The M1595A Ethernet NIM Module also acts as a remote I/O Ethernet Link which allows up to seven Maxiflex remote I/O Bases to be connected to a Maxiflex Master Base. The Remote I/O Bases can be in the same panel or distributed across the site, using Ethernet.

As a Remote I/O Link, the M1595A Ethernet NIM module fits in Slot 1 of a Maxiflex Master Base, and connects to up to 7 Maxiflex M1262F P3e Remote I/O Processors.  Each Remote I/O Processor can scan up to 15 I/O modules.

This Maxiflex Ethernet NIM as a Remote I/O Link Module is designed to operate in conjunction with a Maxiflex P3 Maxiflex CPU module in the Master System. The module scans the I/O from the remote bases and transfers the I/O data into the P3 CPU’s Data Interchange Table for program or SCADA access.

The data link to the Maxiflex modules operates on the Ethernet Network.

The module is also programmable in the standard IEC61131-3 programming languages using ISaGRAF.

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