Product Brief - Model C1191C Omni2S SAU

Omni2S Slave Alarm Unit

picarrow LED Beacon Visual Alert
arrow Connects to Multiple Sensing Instruments
arrow Audible Alert with selectable tone
arrow High reliability, fully dual redundant alarm circuit
arrow IEC61508 SIL2 level safety rating
arrow Mute pushbutton to silence Alarms
arrow Two repeat outputs provided
arrow Instrument failure output provided
arrow Low Power consumption
arrow Aesthetic wall-mount design
arrow Battery backup
arrow RoHS Compliance to 2011/65/EU (RoHS2)
arrow 85-264Vac or 24Vdc Powered
arrow Instrument Failure Output
arrow Ingress Protection to IP54 - vented for backup battery safety

IEC61508 SIL 2. The Omni2S Slave Alarm Unit is a compact wall mounted visual alarm indicator designed for radiation and airborne contaminant hazard warning.

The Omni2S Slave Alarm Unit is a compact wall mounted visual alarm indicator designed for radiation and airborne activity hazard warning.
The Omni2S is used to safeguard against personnel inadvertently entering plant areas where abnormal radiological conditions are present.

Typical Application
Position the Omni2S on the wall outside the area of potential radiation hazard or . contamination. Connect the Omni2S to the area monitors, and if airborne contamination or high radiation conditions are detected, a flashing LED beacon provides visual warning of the hazard is displayed, to deter entry to the area. The sounder tone can be selected to indicate type of contamination.

High Reliability Design
The Omni2S features dual redundant design, providing a highly reliable alarm system, meeting or exceeding the functional safety requirements of these critical applications. The Omni2S is designed to meet SIL2 requirements as defined in IEC61508.

Once an alarm has occurred, the Red LED beacon light will continue to flash, and the audible alert will continue to sound until muted by the pushbutton. The alarm warning turns off and the mute pushbutton resets if the alarm condition returns to normal.
The internal audible warning will give a warning of a dangerous condition, even if the display is out of sight of the personnel. The unit can be latched or unlatched remotely.

The Omni2S provides features to allow easy routine testing of the alarm system. A green beacon light provides indication that the unit is healthy. If mains supply fails or if a fault is detected in the redundant alarm circuit, this indicator will extinguish, and the instrument failure output will activate. In addition, the Mute pushbutton can be used to test the red beacon. If the Mute pushbutton is activated while no alarm is present, the red beacon will illuminate.

The Omni2S is housed in an aesthetic low profile wall mount enclosure that has an IP54 protection rating as it is vented for safety use of VRLA battery backup. Options for mechanical mounting include internal mounting holes or external mounting brackets (supplied).
Wiring entry is provided through the bottom of the unit via up to four 20mm glands.

Further Literature 
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