Product Brief - Model C1478 Omni16C RLU (24V Comm) Lamp Driver

Omni16C RLU (24V Comm) Lamp Driver

picarrow Provides reliable alarm functions for critical alarms
arrow Small , compact, surface mounted and easy to use
arrow 16 Potential Free Contact Inputs
arrow 27 Standard Alarm Sequences
arrow Fully “DIP” Switch Configurable
arrow 24Vdc, 48Vdc or 85-264Vac/dc Powered
arrow Normally Open/Closed Selectable via DIP switch
arrow Four versatile Group Alarm output contacts
arrow High Power Lamp Driver Outputs
arrow Certified to IEC61508 SIL1 Safety Standard
arrow UK Nuclear Industry SIL1 EMPHASIS Assessed

Remote Logic Unit, 16 Potential Free Contact (+ve Common) Input annunciator no display. Display connected via Lamp Driver Outputs.(C1169)

The Omni16C RLU is a full function alarm annunciator logic module for 16 alarm points. Interconnect up to 16 modules together to produce an alarm annunciator up to 256 points. Connect to remote alarm displays such as the Omniflex Model C1670 or C1486 series for a complete window alarm annunciator system, or wire to individual mimic lights to provide full critical alarm functionality to your mimic display. 

The 16 inputs accept potential free inputs and are individually “DIP” switch configured for N.O. or N.C.operation. 

 Alarm Sequences 
The alarm sequence for the 16 inputs can be configured by “DIP” switch with a choice of 27 standard sequences. More individualised or advanced settings are done through the programming port accessible on the unit using the free Omniset Configuration Utility. 

Control Pushbuttons 
Test, Silence, Acknowledge and Reset Pushbutton input terminals are provided for a wide variety of control options. 

Group Alarm Functions 
The four common output relays can be configured as group alarm, horn output and watchdog. Functions such as Relay follows input or alarm, Multiple Re-flash, or Ring-back horn are easily settable on these relays. An Inhibit input function is provided which disables all the inputs on the annunciator, for example during plant startup or shutdown periods. 

Optional Communications Serial Port 
An optional RS232/485 serial port can be fitted to allow all alarm functions to be accessed from your PLC or SCADA using the popular Modbus protocol. 

Optional Housing Size 
This product can be ordered in two housing sizes. The full size housing has space for the optional ac/dc internal power supply, and the optional repeat output and lamp driver modules. The compact housing suits small spaces where these options are not required, and back-of-panel space is limited. 

High Power Lamp Driver Outputs 
The version of this product is available with high power lamp drivers. These drivers can source 24Vdc up to 250 mA, with short circuit protection, to drive higher power mimic lights, or large alarm displays.

Further Literature 
Full specifications and Order Information
User Manual
User Manual in PDF
Declaration of Conformity
Compliance Specifications
RoHS Compliance Certificate
RoHS Compliance Certificate with a list of RoHS Compliant Products
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