Product Brief - Model C1173 Omni8/16C Std 8 Channel IP Bd 0V Comm

Omni8/16C Std 8 Channel IP Bd 0V Comm

picarrow 8 Input channels
arrow Potential free inputs
arrow "DIP" switch Sense selection
arrow 0V (negative) common inputs

Spare Part Omni8/16C 8 Channel Standard Isolated Input Board; Negative Common. Order with annunciator, add option -1 if fitted to new Omni8C/16C unit.

The Input board accepts Potential Free contacts and supplies a 24Vdc wetting potential to the field contacts being monitored. It uses a 0V common which is PLC compatible.

The input sense selection (Normally open or closed) is set via DIP switch and inputs are connected via two part terminals which allows disconnection of the module leaving the terminals on the wiring.

To order this input board separately as a spare part or for fitting to an existing Omni8/16C alarm annunciator, use Order Code C1173.

To order this input board as a factory-fitted option to a new Omni16C, add -1 to the Order Code.


To order a new Omni16C fitted with these inputs, order as follows:
Item 1. C1480 Annunciator :   Qty 1   Order code: C1480-1

The -1 option instructs the factory to fit these terminal boards to the annunciator.


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