Product Brief - Model C1425 8 WAY REPEAT RELAY BD

Omni8/16C 8 Way Repeat Relay Board

picarrow 8 Channel Relay Output Board
arrow 8 Normally Open Contacts
arrow Rated 2A 30Vdc or 0.5A 230Vac
arrow Two Part Screw Terminals
arrow Energisation status configured via Omni8/16C setup

Omni8/16C 8 Way Repeat Relay Board N.O. contacts to terminals

The Relay Repeat Output board provides an option to the Open Collector outputs usually fitted to Annunciators. This allows the user to wire any type of signal through the relays and allows mixed voltages etc, relay interlocking functions or can simply be potential free for other equipment such as loggers or recorders.

The repeat relay output board has 8 channels with a Normally Open contact. The function and energization of this can be set via the programming port of the annunciator, which is particularly useful in interlock applications.

These boards can be fitted to Slots E or F of an Omni16C. The Omni16C is screened with both the relay designation and the ribbon header outputs used by the open collector repeat output module.

The relays are rated to 2A 30Vdc or 0.5A 230Vac and are connected to two part detachable terminals which leaves the terminals connected to the wiring while the unit is removed.

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