On Site Support and Maintenance

We at Omniflex understand that you strive to minimise downtime and improve service levels.

Maintaining today's increasingly sophisticated systems presents a challenge to technical staff.

To assist you in meeting performance objectives, Omniflex can offer a wide range of on site services from telephone support and training to full on-site maintenance of your systems.

Contact us to see how we can improve your service levels and performance.

Some customers who enjoy our support

Scheduled Inspections

Preventative Maintenance instead of Run to Failure

We can provide preventative/planned maintenance visits tailored to your operating needs, ensuring higher availability of your systems, reduced cost and lower risk of unplanned downtime.

Telephone Support & Training

As part of a support contract, you will receive priority response and have unlimited telephone and email support.

We can also provide regular training to your staff to ensure optimum system performance.

On Site Service

If it becomes necessary for a service engineer to attend site, we will provide guaranteed response times under a support contract that can be set in line with your operational needs.

Spares and Maintenance

Various arrangements for managing spares can be accommodated ranging from annual review of your spares inventory to an all inclusive contract to include on-site equipment maintenance.

Omniflex products are known to b serviceable for two decades or more. As part of a support contract we can advise you on obsolescence planning.