Product Brief - Model C2371A Teleterm W3 ISA100Wireless Interface Node

Teleterm W3 ISA100Wireless Interface

picarrow Network all your serial devices over a secure wireless network
arrow Compatible with ISA100.11a wireless standard
arrow Eliminates costly network cable installation
arrow Allows mobile monitoring
arrow Up to 500 devices on one network
arrow Redundant network options available
arrow LED indication of device communications
arrow Also supports a wide range of old and new radiation monitor makes and types
arrow 600m typical line-of-sight range (50m in built-up areas)

The Teleterm W3 ISA100Wireless Radio Protocol Interface Node for serially connected devices provides a convenient means to network all your devices over an ISA100 wireless network


The Teleterm W3 ISA100Wireless Interface Node provides a convenient means to network all your serial devices over an ISA100 wireless network.

Attach a Teleterm W3 to each serial device and transmit monitor readings and alarms wirelessly to your control centre to eliminate costly installation network cabling and allows for mobile monitoring.

Supports serial devices and a wide range of Radiation Monitors

The Teleterm W3 has a standard RS232/RS485 serial communications link that can be connected to Radiation Monitors or any instruments utilising standard Modbus or any other serial protocols on request.  It is supplied with built in support for a wide range of monitors including models from Canberra, Lab-Impex Systems / Ultra Electronics. (See the list of supported radiation monitors in the Specifications). If your monitor is not listed, consult with your Omniflex representative for availability.

ISA100.11a wireless network

ISA100Wireless is an international standard (IEC 62734), and is an open wireless network that is scalable, reliable and secure.

ISA100 comes with “IPv6” addressability which makes it the only industrial network protocol compatible with the “Internet of Things”.

ISA100 operates over the 2.4GHz ISM (non-domestic) band using the widely supported IEEE802.15.4 radio standard. This means no special licencing is required to operate an ISA100 wireless network.

Being an industry standard network, the Teleterm W3 can be used with any ISA100 compatible Wireless Access Point (WAP) to connect your monitors to your central monitoring and control system.  The ISA100 wireless standard integrates high level cyber security features to ensure data integrity, confidentiality and authenticity.

Simple configuration

The Teleterm W3 comes preloaded with support for a range of radiation monitors as well as serial Modbus, allowing a minimum of configuration to connect a radiation monitor to the wireless network.

Fully configurable using Omniset.  Two steps for configuration - Step 1: Configure the ISA100 network parameters. Step 2: Set the serial interface or radiation monitor type and respective parameters.

ISA100 network topology

There are two network topologies supported by ISA100. Star network topology, where every monitor is in range of a Wireless Access Point; and mesh topology where monitors out of range of the network access point pass their data on to other monitors to relay that data back to the Wireless Access Point.

Supports “DuoCast” which allows network redundancy.

Consult your ISA100 network installer for the most appropriate configuration for your network. Often a simple site survey is required to determine the possible locations for ISA100 network nodes

Update rate

The update rate of data on the ISA100 network can be adjusted from 8 to 3600 seconds. A faster update rate reduces the number of devices that may be connected to a single network.

The Teleterm W3 is shipped with a default update rate of 8 seconds, which allows up 500 devices to be connected to the ISA100 wireless network.

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