Product Brief - Model C2380C-11 Teleterm S3G1 RTU 9-30Vdc,2G

Teleterm S3G1 RTU 9-30Vdc,2G

picarrow 5 Configurable Inputs and Outputs
arrow SD Card logging
arrow Very low power operation
arrow Integrated Solar charger or 10-30Vdc
arrow Modbus support
arrow GSM GPRS Communications port
arrow Programmable in IEC61131-3 using ISaGRAF (optional)

Teleterm Programmable QUAD BAND GSM/GPRS RTU with 5 Universal I/O DI/DO/AI/AO, Modbus. Solar Powered, integrated 9-30Vdc solar regulator/battery charger. Battery backed Real Time Clock. micro SD Card Logging. ISaGRAF Ready; order CC030A-URTT to activate

The TELETERM S3 series is a state-of-the-art RTU range designed to expand the possibilities of remote monitoring and control by providing a cost effective platform with a wide range of features for very low I/O count applications where power is limited. 

The TELETERM S3 comes with 5 universal I/O that can be configured for analogue or digital input or output according to your needs. The on board RS232/485 ports can be used to acquire data from other third party devices using the Modbus protocol, or by downloading a custom software protocol “plug-in”. This feature allows a wide variety of third party devices to be supported. The low power consumption of the Teleterm S3 makes it suitable for use in solar powered and battery powered applications. A solar regulator is built into the Teleterm S3.

The Teleterm S3 series can be programmed in the optional ISaGRAF, an industry standard programming environment for all five IEC61131-3 programming languages, providing the ability to do local control, and custom logic.  The Teleterm S3 also incorporates a microSD memory card slot to support local data logging.

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