Product Brief - Model C6170 Conet Dual Network Termination Board

Conet Dual Network Termination Board

picarrow DIN Rail mounting
arrow Operates on 24Vdc
arrow Built-in suppression for both networks
arrow LED Indication of Relay Status

Conet Termination Board. DIN Rail. Dual network.

The Conet Dual Termination Board is used to provide redundancy on Conet/c networks.

It links two Maxiflex systems using two separate Conet/c networks in two separate cables thus providing fall over networking should there be a failure in any one of the two cables.

An additional power supply is needed in each cable which switches over to the other cable should the cable fail.    The switching over of the cable is controlled by each CPU using special embedded software which handles the fall-over function. The CPU switches on a Digital Output. This Digital Output switches 24V to the Dual Termination Board thus switching the Conet connection over to the second cable.


Further Literature 
CONET Datasheet
Full specification for CONET Network
Installation Guide
Details of installation requirements and further specifications.
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