Product Brief - Model C2397A-1-0 Teleterm E3e RTU,AC

Teleterm E3e RTU,AC

picarrow 8 Direct Pulse or Contact Inputs
arrow Up to 32 Modbus meters or other devices
arrow SD Card stores up to one years data if off line
arrow Integral Real Time Clock with Battery Backup
arrow 85-264Vac powered with Integral battery backup
arrow Standard 9 module DIN 43880 size
arrow Ethernet port

Teleterm E3e RTU Meter Concentrator with Serial Modbus RS485, Ethernet, SD Logging, Micro LAN, 85-264Vac Power with Integral battery backup

The Omnergy E3 meter concentrator module is designed for remote meter data acquisition over Ethernet networks for wide area utilities monitoring.

To meet energy ratings compliance requirements, utility consumption must meet set targets over time. This requires reliable regular reading of sub-metering points for the appropriate allocation, analysis and reporting of energy consumption across the facility. Up to 8 pulse meters and 32 Modbus meters can be monitored simultaneously on a single Teleterm E3 Module.

Meter independence allows integration with existing meter infrastructure.


Meter Data Accumulation

Each Teleterm E3 Module will continuously monitor its connected meters, so that meter readings are always up to date, and pulse counters count every pulse from the pulse meters.

Scheduled meter readings can be set from 15 minutes to once a day to suit the application.

Time Synchronisation

A real time clock in the module is used to timestamp all readings. When used with Omnergy, the time is regularly synchronised to the Omnergy central time.

Network Loss

The Teleterm E3 Module stores interval reading data for up to one year on an SD memory card in case of network access difficulties, and sends the stored interval readings to the server upon return of the network communications.


  • Remotely monitor and report on your utilities in real time.
  • Fits into your electrical switchboard
  • Use at single sites, large buildings, campuses or geographically spread facilities.
  • Monitor Electricity, Gas, Water, Steam, Air, Waste Water etc. for cost allocation and Carbon Footprint calculations.
  • Designed for Energy Rating compliance (BREEAM/LEEDS/NABERS/Green Star) 

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