Product Brief - Model M1711A MX 4CH HSC

Maxiflex 4 Channel High Speed Counter

picarrow Fits in any MAXIFLEX base I/O slot
arrow 4 individually Isolated Counter Channels
arrow 1500V rms Isolation
arrow Counts up to 200kHz
arrow Individual Channel Activity Indication LED
arrow Removable Terminal Blocks
arrow Hot Plug-in
arrow In system automatic module detection
arrow Accepts 9-30Vdc or 3 to 5Vdc Pulse Input

Maxiflex 4 Channel High Speed Counter Module. : Up to 200kHz.

The Maxiflex M1711 High-Speed Counter module provides field inputs to four 16-bit counters. Two additional internal counters may be configured for a variety of functions. The counters can operate up to a frequency of 200 KHz.

Each input may be configured by links inside the module to either be a 3-5V dc, or a 9-30V dc input. The status of the inputs may be read by the Maxiflex CPU directly, providing up to 4 general purpose Digital Inputs when not used as counters. Each input has a green LED to indicate the input signal status.

Isolation is 1500 Vrms between individual inputs, and between inputs and system logic. The module plugs into any I/O slot and has a Scan Code and Module ID, which are used by the CPU to detect the module.

The two internal counters provided may be used in conjunction with a built in crystal oscillator to provide a variable time base. The internal configuration of the hardware enables frequency measurement and pulse counting over an accurate time period.

The counters may be configured for various operating modes. The modes are as follows:

  • Mode 0 - Event Counting
  • Mode 1 - Re-triggerable One-Shot Counter
  • Mode 2 - Rate Generator
  • Mode 3 - Square Wave Mode
  • Mode 4 - Software Triggered Strobe
  • Mode 5 - Hardware Triggered Strobe
  • Mode 6 - Frequency Measurement

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