Product Brief - Model C2321A Teleterm M2S


picarrow 12 Inputs and/or Outputs (Analog or Digital)
arrow 9 - 30V dc powered.
arrow On-board temperature sensor and voltage monitor
arrow Integral Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup
arrow Programmable for a wide range of applications
arrow Wide operating temperature range
arrow Compact size for tight spaces
arrow Convenient DIN Rail mounting
arrow Requires Serial Cable for Programming

Programmable RTU with 12 Universal I/O DI/DO/AI/AO non isolated, Modbus Master or Slave or Conet/s Protocol. Powered from 9-30Vdc. Battery backed Real Time Clock and Internal Temperature sensor and power supply voltage monitor.


The TELETERM M2 is a state-of-the-art RTU range designed to enable a wide range of devices and machines with state-of-the-art connectivity.

Everyone is aware of the enormous advances to efficiency and productivity that the latest wireless telecommunications technology and the Internet have brought to our society. With an estimated three times as many machines in the world as people, can you imagine the benefits to you of being able to harness this technology to manage your hard assets as well – regardless of where they are located! 

“M2M” is the latest buzzword that encapsulates the technology of “machine-to-machine”, “machine-tomobile”, and “machine-to-man” communications required to make this a reality. “M2M” is an enabling technology in remote sensing and asset management. Using the capability that “M2M” provides, you need never feel out of  touch or out of control again. 

The Teleterm M2 Series provides the ideal cost effective interface to your assets or processes to provide the control and information that you need to optimise your operations. 

The M2 Series is available with radio, CONET industrial LAN, GSM/GPRS, CDMA or Ethernet communications ports to suit your application. 

Typical applications for the M2 include: 
• Remote Site monitoring 
• Transport/Cargo monitoring 
• Traffic Management 
• Remote inventory monitoring 
• Remote digital advertising sign management 
• Computer room monitoring 
• Vending machines 
• Energy management and meter reading. 
• Environmental monitoring

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