Product Brief - Model C6325A 16way Relay Output Board with Ribbon Heade

16 Way RO Board with Ribbon Header IP

picarrow 16 potential-free relay contact outputs
arrow Standard Omniflex ribbon connection
arrow Din-Rail Mounting
arrow Compact Size 177mmx90mm
arrow 1500V Isolation

Ribbon Header input to 16 Way Relay Output Board. 16 Contact Pairs 250Vac/125Vdc 2A. Omniflex standard pinout for ribbon header. Isolation 1500Vdc. Footprint 177mm x 90mm.

The C6325A Relay Output board is a terminal board designed for relay outputs into the field wiring from standard Omniflex Ribbon output for maximum density and convenience. The normally open relay contact circuits are isolated and are typically used with potential free contact inputs. Terminals for the connection of DC power are provided .

The C6325A board is fitted onto a quick mount plastic rail for DIN-rail mounting in control panels

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