High reliability and accuracy for optimum process control

  Decrease installation time by avoiding on site calibration

  Reduce downtime with fast configuration

  Reduce your spares inventory of signal conditioning modules

Select from our versatile range
for your application

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Trip Amps / Limit Alarms

Current Loop Isolators

Trip Amps

Monitor alarms in your process

Connect direct to the sensor

Retransmit 4-20mA

High reliability for SIL1 safety loops

User configurable in minutes

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Current Loop Isolators

    Eliminate ground loops

    Isolate two-wire transmitters

    Split current loops into two

    No field calibration required

    Lowest volt drop in their class

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Signal Transmitters

Special Functions

Signal Transmitters

    Temperature Transmitters

    Frequency Transmitters

    Universal Transmitters

    High reliability for SIL1 safety loops

    Zero field calibration required

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Special Functions

    Maths computation of multiple signals

    Custom Linearisation

    Monitor minimums and maximums

    Simple configuration without programming

    All digital design for high accuracy

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