Product Brief - Model C1420 Omni8/16C Integral Pushbutton Station

Omni8/16C Integral Pushbutton Station

picarrow Fits in any Omni8C or 16C Incandescent or Backlist Annunciators
arrow Only works in window 8 or Omni8C or 16 of Omni16C
arrow Sealed Lexan cover
arrow Long life contacts

Omni8/16C Integral Pushbutton Station (SART). Fitted to either window 16 of Omni16C or Window 8 of Omni8C thus sacrificing an alarm point on the annunciator.


The SART (Silence, Acknowledge, Reset, Test) integral Pushbutton station adds a new dimension of convenience to the Omni8C and 16C annunciators.

Fitment of the SART requires that window 8 or 16 is sacrificed on the 8C or 16C Incandescent or Backlit annunciator. The SART is fitted in place of the Alarm window on the annunciator and can be retrofitted to existing C series annunciators at any time.

The Integral SART can also be used to acknowledge alarms on other interconnected annunciators using the Pushbutton expansion connections at the rear of the annunciator.

The SART can also be used in conjunction with the Remote Pushbutton station C1415.

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