Product Brief - Model C1623A Omni30/4 4 point Annun - 10.5in Panel

Omni30/4 4 point Annun - 10.5in Panel

picarrow 10.5" Panel mount
arrow Expandable up to 128 points
arrow Plug-in Terminals for easy maintenance
arrow 27 Standard Alarm Sequences
arrow Choice of Backlit Lamp or LED Display
arrow User printed legends on inkjet/laser
arrow 24Vdc Powered
arrow Flash synchronisation between modules
arrow Optional Serial Port - Modbus compatible
arrow Compatible with "UC30" Series products
arrow All "DIP" Switches externally accessible
arrow Certified to IEC61508 SIL1 Safety Standard
arrow UK Nuclear Industry SIL1 EMPHASIS Assessed

Omni30/4 Annunciator 4 Pt Panel Mount (267mm wide by 44.5mm high). Potential Free Inputs Individually selectable for NO or NC contacts. Powered from 24Vdc. Supplied with PC Templates to print legends for alarm windows,

The Omni30 annunciator series is designed as a replacement for the RIS UC30 series products. Based upon the field proven OMNIFLEX Omni16C technology, this product range provides state of the art annunciation to fit existing installations. Available in panel mount or 19-inch Rack mount configurations, the Omni30 series annunciator can be fitted with incandescent lamp or solid state LED displays. These standard modules can be wired together to form an annunciator system of up to 128 points.

Inputs accept potential free contacts and are individually configured for N.O. or N.C. operation by a combination of wiring and externally accessible "DIP" switch. All wiring terminals are plug-in for easy system maintenance. Any one of 27 alarm sequences can be selected for each alarm module on the externally accessible "DIP" switches.

Window legends can be created by the user using a standard Laser or Inkjet Printer using the software template provided.
When wired together as a system, all alarm modules will be flash synchronised, and can share a common set of pushbutton controls.
Test pushbutton acts as combined Lamp Test and Circuit Test.

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 Window Legend Templates
Use this template to easily create window legends on any inkjet or laser printer.
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