Product Brief - Model C5132A Teleterm RPN1 Gateway Ethernet

Teleterm RPN1 Gateway Ethernet

picarrow Combined power and fibre ring network
arrow Self-healing Ethernet ring topology using RSTP
arrow Indicator lights for easy system diagnostics
arrow Wide operating temperature range 0-60°C
arrow IP44 Wall mounted enclosure
arrow Interfaces to Lab Impex, Canberra AB96, iCAM or G64 radiation monitors
arrow Extra RS485 port for a separate monitor

The Radiological Protection Gateway (RPN1) gathers data from multiple Lab Impex / Ultra Electronics and Canberra radiation monitors and networks the data to supervisory systems via a special Fibre + Power Interface to an Ethernet ring topology network.

Winner of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority SME Innovation Award! Refer to Press Release here.


The Omniflex Teleterm Radiological Protection Gateway (RPN1) simplifies the process of gathering data from Lab Impex / Ultra Electronics, Canberra AB96, iCAM or G64 monitors by combining all the required features into a standard, off-the-shelf product.

Simply connect Teleterm RPN1 nodes together into a fibre+power ring network using the specified cables and link to the Lab Impex / Ultra Electronics or Canberra radiation monitors of your choice.

The RPN1 gateway only requires simple configuration through the USB port provided in order to produce the required functionality.

Supports a wide range of Radiation Monitors

The Teleterm RPN1 is supplied with built in support for a wide range of monitors (see the list of supported radiation monitors in the datasheet specifications).  If your monitor is not listed, consult with your Omniflex representative for availability.

AC Power and Fibre Ring Network

The Teleterm RPN1 gateway connects into a Fibre+Power ring network using the “Link In” and “Link Out” connectors on the top of the housing.

Each connector integrates a fault-tolerant Ethernet fibre-optic network and AC power in or out into a single cable, allowing easy installation and replacement of the Teleterm RPN1 with minimal disturbance to other gateways in the ring network.

Compatible cables are available in a number of standard lengths to allow easy installation.

Redundant Ring Network

Normally the RPN1 gateway is connected in a ring of gateways through the two connectors “Link In” and “Link Out”, but these connections are symmetrical, allowing AC power and fibre-optic communications to be provided to the Teleterm RPN1 through either connector.

In the event of a failure in the ring in either direction, power can still be supplied from the other direction and the Ethernet fibre-optic ring will adjust to operate through only one connection, creating a redundant ring topology.

Embedded Ethernet Switch

An embedded Ethernet switch in the Teleterm RPN1 provides the following functions:
â–¡ Fault tolerant to loss of one of the fibre links using RSTP redundancy protocol.
â–¡ Fast access to the latest radiation monitor data and status stored in the gateway.

LED Indicators

A comprehensive set of LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicators are provided to diagnose communications links.

Radiation Monitor Connections

The Teleterm RPN1 Gateway is capable of powering and communicating with fixed and portable Lab Impex / Ultra Electronics, Canberra AB96, iCAM or G64 monitors.

A local MCB on the gateway provides protected power to the fixed monitor through a dedicated power plug on the bottom of the unit.

The RPN1 gateway communicates with the fixed and portable radiation monitors through two dedicated RS485 connectors on the bottom of the housing. Both connectors share a single RS485 link to the gateway.



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