Product Brief - Model C2262A Powerterm PTL141R 6A/18V One Zone CP TR

Powerterm PTL141R 6A/18V One Zone CP TR


Powerterm PTL141R 6A/18V Single Zone Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifier


The Powerterm L141R is a high efficiency Transformer/Rectifier module for use in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems.

This TR module provides a single controlled output of 0-18V, 0-6A.

The Powerterm L141R can be configured to control constant voltage, constant current, or constant reference potential. All configuration settings and readings can be viewed and changed from a locally mounted PowerView CP Touch Screen, and/or remotely using the Omniflex Data2Desktop Web Portal using a standard web browser.

Communications Interface

The Powerterm L141R T/R module has an integrated communications port. This provides the capability to distribute the TR modules for optimum cabling of the structure while keeping a single point of monitoring and control for the system.

See the system diagrams later in this datasheet for examples of how to connect Powerterm L141R module into distributed CP systems.

Independent Monitoring

The Powerterm L141R provides independent measurement of output voltage and current internally for increased confidence of system performance when remotely monitored

A Single 6A Zone Output

This TR module has a single fully configurable output for automatic control of constant current, voltage or reference potential.

Current and Voltage Limit settings for the output ensure that safe operating conditions selected by the user are not exceeded.

Automatic Instant Off

The Powerterm L141R allows time synchronised ON and OFF switching remotely via the communications link. This allows Instant Off and Depolarisation etc. testing to be conducted from a remote location, such as from the Data2Desktop website. Using the companion PowerView CP Touch Screen, Instant Off readings can be taken automatically from any number of reference inputs co-ordinated with the cycling of the T/R modules ON/OFF using user settable cycle times.

PowerView CP Touch Screen

Configuration and monitoring of the PowerView L141R T/R modules in a system is done through a single easy-to-use touch screen in the TRU without the need for special test equipment or custom software packages.

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