Product Brief - Model C2152B Powerterm L120R CP T/R 6A 20V - Remote

Powerterm L120R CP TR 6A 20V (Remote)

arrow Universal 85-264Vac input voltage
arrow Fully isolated RS485 communications port
arrow DIN Rail mounting with small panel footprint
arrow Wide operating temperature range
arrow Short/open circuit protected output

Powerterm L120R CP Transformer/Rectifier 6A 20V for remote control only

The Powerterm L120R is a high efficiency Transformer/Rectifiers for use in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems which can supply up to 6 Amps at 15 Volts with short-circuit and surge protection.

It can be configured to control constant voltage, constant current, or constant reference potential.

All configuration settings can be changed via the serial communications link either from a locally mounted PowerView CP Operator Interface Panel, or remotely using the Omniflex Data2Desktop Monitoring Service.

The model has two integrated Modbus RS485 serial ports and a single RS232 serial port making this product compatible with the latest remote monitoring and control systems. These links are electrically isolated from the power circuits to 1500Vac allowing them to be connected directly to sensitive computer equipment.

Using the RS485 multi-drop mode of operation up to 32 Powerterm L120P’s can be connected to a single Modbus Master communications port.

A fully configurable feedback controller is provided for automatic control of Reference potential. The Proportional Gain and Reset constants of the controller can be adjusted for optimum control dependent upon the installation conditions.

Independent Current and Voltage Limit settings ensure that safe operating conditions selected by the user are not exceeded in automatic modes.

The source of the reference potential can be set locally.

A range of companion touch screen PowerView  CP Operato Interface Panels are available for interacting with up to 32 Powerterm L120P T/R units. All variables can be monitored via this operator interface, and configuration settings can be changed through password protected screens.

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