Product Brief - Model CC026A Windows OPC Server for Conet

Windows OPC Server for Conet Version 7

picarrow Interface any OPC client with data on a range of industrial networks
arrow Fully compliant with OPC 2.0 Data Access Interface
arrow Supports both Custom and Automation Interfaces
arrow Can run remotely, accessed by clients over a network
arrow Supports Conet/e, Conet/c, Conet/s and (Omniflex) Modbus
arrow Run mulitple connections from the same PC

Windows OPC server for Conet networks. Supports Conet/c (Twisted Pair), Conet/s (Serial RS232/RS485), Conet/e (Ethernet TCP/IP). Used to enable OPC compliant Windows Clients to view and write data to Omniflex Conet Network products. DA Level 2 Compliant.

The OMNIFLEX CONET OPC Server is an OPC compliant Server able to communicate directly with real time I/O devices over an assortment of industrial networks from a TCP/IP Ethernet LAN to CONET/c twisted pair networks to conventional serial RS232/485 networks. This CONET OPC server was implemented with advanced programming concepts using the most current version of the OPC Data Access Interface specification (OPC Version 2.0) for use in developing next generation industrial software applications. The CONET/e, CONET/s and CONET/c protocols all encapsulate the full set of standard CONET message functions for transmission over their respective physical media.

OPC Server features

The CONET OPC Server is extremely versatile, and can be used with DCOM for intranet and Internet applications. The CONET OPC Server may be run stand-alone on a server PC, or on the same machine as the client software.

Key features of the CONET OPC Server:

Advanced OPC data Quality and data conversion to client’s request.

  • Supports Multiple Groups for easy configuration and manageability.
  • Internal Simulator for configuration and testing
  • Tag Multiplier lets you create hundreds of tags in seconds.
  • Front-end timestamped events.

System Requirements

The following are system requirements for installing the CONET OPC Server, OPC Test Client:

Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 9x with the latest version of DCOM is required to use the CONET local server.

Hardware requirements:

  • Any mid level PC

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