Product Brief - Model C2475A Omniterm LZD Dual Loop Power Isolator Surge Prote

Omniterm LZD Dual Loop Power Isol Surge

picarrow 10-30Vdc supply suits battery operation
arrow Provides 24Vdc power to 2 wire transmitters
arrow Includes 10kA Surge Protection
arrow Includes Signal Isolation
arrow Includes optional 250 ohm termination.
arrow Field Interface for 2 wire transmitters

Omniterm LZD. Dual Loop Powered (4-20mA) Isolator provides 1500Vrms isolation, Internal 250Ohm resistor and surge protection. Discharge Current 10kA 8/20μs nominal. Low Volt drop on input<3V. 2 independent channels in a single 22.5mm wide housing.

The OMNITERM LZD  is a dual loop powered isolating current repeater specifically designed to isolate instrument current loops from circulating ground currents that can cause system inaccuracies, or at worst, instrument failure. Insert in any 4-20mA current loop to isolate the instruments in the loop. Each channel of the LZD is completely separate and isolated from the oher.

The current applied to the input of a channel is repeated on the isolated output, and the load present on the output is reflected back to the input. No separate power source is required.

In many applications there is a need to convert the 4-20mA into 1-5Volts for an RTU, PLC or DCS etc. This is normally inconvenient because the precision resistor needs to be sourced, mounted and wired independently without causing loop errors. To overcome this obstacle, the LPI version also includes a precision 250ohm resistor that can be connected into the circuit to convert the output into 1-5V within the module.

Forming part of OMNIFLEX' extensive OMNITERM range of industrial instrumentation, the OMNITERM LZD is designed to be DIN rail mounted, and is 22.5mm wide.

For single channel applications consider the single version, see the Omniterm LZI (Model C2474A).

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