Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitoring



Omniflex's Data2Desktop remote monitoring provide systems for automated record logging and real-time alarming oriented toward the clinical pharmaceutical industry who need to manage their laboratory equipment and condition monitoring systems for compliance to GLP1, FDA2 standards.

Accreditation is dependent on good auditable record keeping amongst a multitude of SOP s3 that laboratory staff must adhere too for compliance.

Managing the monitoring of Dry and Cold storage of drugs, vaccines, biological material and research samples are a serious constraint to time strapped laboratory staff.

Omniflex automates the logging record keeping for fridge, freezer, room temperature and humidity and other laboratory equipment including power that requires monitoring.

The Data2Desktop service also provides alerts for out of range conditions 24/7/365 to enable laboratory managers to take action and avoid loss or damage to their work. Data2Desktop then automates the reporting requirements by emailing reports at the required intervals for record keeping.



  • Pharmaceutical Storage Compliance
  • Laboratory Quality Control
  • Freezer Monitoring
  • Lab Equipment Monitoring
  • Power Supply Monitoring
  • Multi site Management

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

The Data2Desktop system is compliant with the requirements of the FDA standard with system design and conforms to the requirements laid out in the standard specifically integrity of stored records which prevents anyone from modifying or amended records.

All records are maintained off site and accessed via password and login.


  • Facilitates Compliance for Good Laboratory Practice
  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Assists Accreditation achievement by automating the monitoring process
  • Monitor and review the site from anywhere


  • Secure repository off site for data records
  • Graphical Trend review
  • Provide 24/7/365 Monitoring and alert warnings
  • Full maintenance service available to ensure reliable performance

Freezer Monitoring

The Omniflex System facilitates the secondary monitoring of freezers ranging from ultra low liquid nitrogen freezers through to domestic fridges and freezers (-200C to ambient temperature).

Selection of highest accuracy type of temperature measuring elements is made to accommodate the temperature ranges concerned.

microLAN - Saving cables and easy connections

A microLAN is used to connect each freezer onto a network avoiding multiple cable runs for each temperature sensor. Each freezer connects to the LAN via a telephone jack. The MicroLAN is run around the periphery allowing the temperature sensors to be plugged into it (similar to Ethernet connections). The jack plug allows the freezer temperature probe to be disconnected and moved for cleaning.

How Does it Work?

While the technology of the internet appears very appealing, selecting the right components to put a system like this together yourself can be a daunting prospect.

That is why Omniflex created the Data2Desktop service.

Data2Desktop is an end-to-end technology framework packaged to you as a simple data service to monitor remote data points, log the data securely on secure cloud based servers and present the data on demand or by exception to authorised users.

A Data2Desktop solution starts with the Data2Desktop enabled Remote Terminal Unit at your point of measurement, and ends at your browser with easy to use screens to access and download your current and historical data.


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