Support you can depend upon

In today's fast changing world of electronics, the consumer is used to seeing his/her new product become obsolete within months of purchase.

In Industrial plants this can cause havoc.

OMNIFLEX products have been sold to the process control industry for years. We are proud of our history and continue to support all of these products regardless of their age for as long as they are operational in your plant.

OMNIFLEX has a full in-factory repair and refurbishment facility capable of maintaining the entire range of products manufactured under both the CONLOG and OMNIFLEX brand names.

OMNIFLEX invests continuously in Research and Development and can also recommend compatible replacements when the advancement of technology offers a superior solution.

We understand the criticality of plant down time and are therefore geared toward rapid response to product support.

We can be contacted through your local distributor or directly via email on
or telephone one of our nearest sales offices for telephonic support.