Product Brief - Model C2304C Omniterm MOR 16ch Modbus Ribbon OP

Omniterm MOR 16ch Modbus Ribbon OP

picarrow Interface Digital Plant Signals using Modbus
arrow Operates as Modbus Master or Slave for telemetry applications
arrow Supports ASCII and RTU modes
arrow Software configurable by user
arrow 24Vdc Powered
arrow 16 Ribbon cable Outputs

16Ch Modbus Module 20way Ribbon Header Output compatible with Omni16 Ribbon Header input


The OMNITERM Range of Modbus Interface Modules are DIN rail mounted devices used for interfacing a small number of Input and Outputs to a Modbus network.

These modules are simple and easy to use. As Modbus Slaves, configuration is purely done by 8 way DIP switch. Configuration as Modbus Master is done using the simple PC based configuration utility, Omniset.

Four modules in the range provide options for input and output, with ribbon header or screw terminal terminations.

Available as 16 channel modules, up to 32 of these modules can be connected to the same Modbus network to provide up to 512 Digital Inputs and Outputs.


Up to 32 Modbus interface modules configured as Modbus Slaves can be connected as remote I/O to a SCADA, PLC or DCS system equipped with a Modbus Master communications port. A combination of input and output modules can be used to suit the application.


An OMNITERM Modbus Interface module configured as a Master can communicate with 1 or more Modbus Slaves to provide a standalone telemetry system. Move up to 256 Signals over a single pair of wires from any point to another.


An OMNITERM Modbus Interface module set as a Modbus Master and configured to move data from any Modbus Slave device to another. For example, a single OMNITERM Modbus interface module can be used to repeat alarms from one Omni16C Alarm Annunciator equipped with a Modbus Slave serial port to another similar Omni16C in a remote location

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