Remote Tank Monitoring and Alarm Management

  • Overfill Protection Systems
  • Alarm Protection to IEC61508
  • Web Based Remote Monitoring
  • Wireless and Cable Telemetry
  • Interfaces to existing equipment

The Total Solution

For companies that need to monitor the contents of storage vessels, and who are dissatisfied with their current inventory control and risk management, Omniflex provides a full suite of real-time monitoring options from SIL approved alarms to web-based remote monitoring.

Consolidated Reporting

Unlike instrument vendor specific solutions that are limited to providing subsets of your total data monitoring needs, Omniflex provides the capability to interface to all your existing instrumentation regardless of the brand or age, to provide a single consolidated view of your inventory, plus ensuring compliance with health and safety directives.

Critical Alarms

Omniflex is the world leader in IEC61508 safety certified smart alarm annunciators.

Omniflex Alarms integrate with your existing gauging instrumentation to provide an independent alarm system per the recommended practice prescribed by the American Petroleum Institute API RP2350 and Buncefield report.

Any field devices

Omniflex systems do not prescribe gauging and field equipment. Since type of gauging is often dictated by the stored materials, the market is characterised by many specialised vendors. Omniflex provides interfaces to most existing or preferred gauging systems.

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Case Studies

Omniflex protects Tank Farms for Simon Storage

When Simon Storage decided to upgrade their legacy annunciator systems across four of their terminal sites, they chose Omniflex to provide a new SIL rated alarm annunciator system which included high-high and tank level hardwired safety critical alarms.


Omniflex adds gloss to Dulux Inventory

When Dulux Paints wanted to improve their inventory management at their Durban factory and give direct access to on-site inventory status to vendors, they chose an advanced Data2Desktop data monitoring solution from Omniflex.


FFS refines logistic with Data2Desktop

When FFS Refiners (FFS) were looking to improve fuel delivery logistics to improve transport efficiency and improve customer service, they chose the web based Data2Desktop remote monitoring service from Omniflex.